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Developing a Winning Strategy

In the job search process, a well-written, well-designed resume is a must. It provides your SunTechPros Associate and potential employers with a snapshot of your education, technical background, and work experience, greatly enhancing your marketability. Begin crafting an effective technical resume to sell your skills.

Making the Interview Count

Good interviewing skills are critical to getting an offer for the position you want. Learn more about how to interview successfully and check out our solutions for getting through tough interview questions.

Interview Successfully

Proper preparation before an interview can make all the difference in securing the position you want. Good interviewing skills are absolutely critical to getting the offer, but most people have limited experience interviewing. Whether your most recent job interview was last week, last month, or last year, these tips can help you interview successfully.


Interview Preparation is key to success

First Impressions Mean a Lot

What To Do During the Interview?

InterviewRole Playing: How To Answer the Tough Questions?

What To Do Not Do During the Interview?

Tips for Successful Phone Interviewing

Wrapping it Up the Right way